Well hello there! My name is Amy. I'm a big heap of neurotic optimism living in the dirty south of London. I have a wonderful boyfriend called Valentine and two insane cats, Max and Tilly. This blog is a diary of sorts to myself to remind me that things aren't so bad (unlike my other blog, which contains all of my serious posts)

You can contact me at cupcakesandcalamity @ gmail . com. I promise that I'll respond!

Here are my frequently asked questions...

- why cupcakes and calamity?
I have a slight obsession with making cupcakes, and my life frequently descends into complete and utter chaos. I also have a fondness for Calamity Jane and spent many a day as a child wishing I was her. When I started this blog I spent a good few days trying to come up with a name that I liked, and here we are.

- your cats have stupid names.
I know, right? Wait until you hear their "full names"

- your boyfriend's name is Lurch? What's up with that?
Oh, I don't know. His name is Valentine (seriously) but the only time I call him that is when I'm introducing him to other people, or during conversations with other people. Lurch is a nickname that came up once and I have no idea why. The only thing I know is that it definitely does not have anything to do with the Addams Family. He has a whole host of other nicknames graciously awarded to him by me, but Lurch is the first one that came out when I first wrote about him here.

- what made you start this blog? you already have one!
Because I'm greedy, okay!?

This blog is for myself. The other blog tends to deal with opinion pieces, and it's where I test out writing ideas. I decided I wanted something a bit more personal, mainly because it's almost impossible to find a nice hardcover diary/journal nowadays. So this is my online diary of sorts, with all of you along for the ride. It's opened me up to plenty of wonderful people who email me to ask questions, or just want general chit chat. It's not something that would have been possible to achieve with the other blog.

- what does your boyfriend do?
My Mr is a smart cookie! He's currently at university, studying Biomedical Sciences. When he's not at university, he works part time as a barman.

- are you married or what?
No, I am not married. I understand why it sometimes comes across in that way, but I can assure you that I am not married. Although, to be perfectly honest, it certainly does feel to us that we're married at times and it is not uncommon for our friends to refer to us as a married couple. We're both young, though, and marriage is not something we're exploring at the moment.

- what camera and editing equipment do you use?
I use a Nikon Coolpix camera or, more frequently, the camera on my BlackBerry. I rarely edit photos, but use Picasa when I do because I find Photoshop far too intimidating.

If you'd prefer a rapid response, I am on Twitter almost twenty four hours a day.

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